Looming defense cuts blamed on wealthy

In what can only be described as a supreme act of chutzpah, a senior administration budget official invoked “class warfare” at a U.S. House committee meeting. He blamed the upcoming half-trillion dollar defense budget cut upon “Republican refusal to have the top two percent pay their fair share.” This remark, which followed the Obama “class warfare party line,” shocked many members of the House Armed Services Committee (HASC). According to Adam Kredo in the Washington Free Beacon:

Jeffrey Zients, the Office of Management and Budget’s acting director, surprised lawmakers by engaging in a partisan attack after Republican members of HASC demanded to know exactly how the Obama administration plans to stave off nearly $500 billion in mandatory defense cuts known as sequestration.

The cuts are scheduled to kick in on January 2, barring a last-minute budget compromise in Congress.

“What is holding us up right now is the Republican refusal to have the top two percent [of earners] pay their fair share,” Zients said in response to a question from Rep. Randy Forbes (R., Va.).

“The root cause problem here is the Republican refusal to ask the top two percent to pay their fair share,” he reiterated, much to the surprise of several committee members who slammed Zients for turning a practical hearing aimed at preventing catastrophic defense cuts into a partisan blame game.

The following video depicts the relevant testimony:


My only question is just what does the acting director of the Office of Management and Budget do in an administration that has no budget and very little management? The article in its entirety can be read on the Washington Free Beacon.

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