Conservatives can do better than GOP in School Board race

Palm Beach County School Board District 1: Vote for Christine Jax. This is an unusual race, complicated by misleading, and in this case, meaningless party affiliations.


Christine JaxDemocrat Christine Jax is a gun-toting former education commissioner from Minnesota who supports school choice and vouchers and merit pay for teachers. And although like many, she has some issues with the FCAT, she’s a staunch supporter of high-stakes testing. Jax is an experienced leader with serious educational experience, and she is not part of, or beholden to, the local education mafia.

Jax may be a Democrat, but she’s the only candidate in this race with the skill set, and the desire, to implement much-needed change. For any real conservative interested in actual policy, Jax is the choice.

Michael Murgio is running without a party affiliation and was endorsed by The Palm Beach Post. Murgio has been a teacher, principal and administrator in the local school system. In fact, he has been part of the education establishment for so long (over 30 years), he might as well be one of the buildings he managed as an administrator. Our School Board is one of the more dysfunctional elected bodies in the county, and change will not come from within. Murgio opposes school choice, does not support merit pay for teachers, and although trying to straddle the fence on the issue, he’s not a fan of high-stakes testing, either.

Lowell Levine, a “Republican,” is also running. On almost every issue, Levine borders on incoherent. His solution to almost every problem is to spend more money. He adamantly opposes school choice and vouchers, and does not support merit pay for teachers.

Simply put, on every level, Levine is not a credible candidate.

That Levine is the leading “Republican” in a race for an open School Board seat should be a source of embarrassment to the local GOP. Running for office isn’t some kind of joke, and if Levine is the best candidate our party can field, truly dark days lie ahead.

Once again, to clarify for those who still don’t get it, these are my personal choices and opinions. BizPac Review does not endorse candidates. BizPac, the political action committee, is a separate entity. I am not bound by its endorsements, nor do I control them. As a business organization, BizPac has its agenda, and as a conservative, I have mine.

Jack Furnari


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