Crossroads Generation goes after youth vote

Wisc. Rep. and vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan excoriated the president’s record of bren promises in his Wed. night speech at the Republican National Convention. Ryan went […]

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New Florida laws business people need to know about

Every year, the Florida Legislature passes a raft of new laws that affect businesses, and this year is no different. The good news in 2012 is that, […]

RNC Committeeman releases clarification on rule change

Today’s (Thursday’s) update from Peter Feaman: There is a lot of misinformation floating around. Yes, we as the grassroots must be ever vigilant. The chance to amend […]

I don’t hate you – I just think you’re an idiot

“Hate” and “disagreement” are mutually exclusive terms. One concept has nothing to do with the other. One can disagree without hating; one can hate without disagreeing. But […]

Jan Brewer endorses Barack Obama?

Pardon me Jan, but your slip is showing. Republican Ariz. Gov. Jan Brewer made a crackerjack speech Tuesday night endorsing Mitt Romney for president. One day later, […]

Allen West’s new campaign ad focuses on jobs

In the election year of 2012, it all comes down to jobs. U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., announces a new campaign ad, featuring Roger Dunshee, CEO of […]

Yahoo News: ‘Romneys party while blacks drown’

On Monday night, Yahoo News Washington Bureau Chief David Chalian remarked during ABC’s coverage of the Republican National Convention that the Romney’s had no feelings about the […]

Mia Love’s success at RNC marred by racial slurs

And liberals call conservatives racist? Mia Love is a young, black conservative whose parents immigrated to the United States from Haiti with $10 in their . They […]

Burgess Owens: ‘Black capitalists shouldn’t vote like communists’

Success isn’t something that can be handed to you, and it can’t be redistributed — it’s something you have to earn, and fight for. Burgess Owens is […]

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The $8 billion Medicare/Obamacare coincidence

The president is making sure that the popular Medicare Advantage program remains intact until well after the Nov. 6 election. It will be phased out in 2013 […]

FreedomWorks releases new ad supporting Connie Mack’s penny plan

FreedomWorks initiated a new video supporting U.S. Rep. Connie Mack, R-Fla. in his bid to unseat Florida’s Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson. The ad endorses and explains […]

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Business community will fight the left’s attempt to silence us

Serious efforts are speeding down the political pike from leftists, to curtail the free political speech of businesses. They are trying to pass laws and regulations that […]

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