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State attorney candidate promotes Astroturf editorial

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When a candidate for state attorney sends out an email touting an endorsement from a “news” organization, at the very least, one would expect the endorsement is coming from an actual news-gathering organization. Especially if the candidate has made integrity the focal point of her campaign.

Dina Keever, the Republican candidate for state attorney, sent out a mass email from her campaign account, “West Boca News ENDORSES Dina Keever for State Attorney.” (Click image at left to view the email.)

That’s fine, except for one small problem: While a website called WestBocaNews.com does exist, it’s the personal blog of a gentleman named Warren Redlich.

Who is Redlich, you ask?

Well, Redlich is a member of the Boca Raton Republican Club, and a sitting member of the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee.

Of course, Redlich is entitled to his opinion, and he has the right to call his blog anything he wants. But here’s the rub: As a party committee member, Redlich is bound by a loyalty oath. He must support Keever, because she’s the only Republican in the game. He simply has no choice.

So his “endorsement” is hardly “news” worth touting. Heck, his website isn’t even news. The guy writes mostly about food.

I’m sure Redlich meant well, but his failure to disclose his official ties to the Republican Party in his “endorsement” hurts his credibility, and the candidate he’s supporting.

More troubling is that Keever sent it out under the guise that it actually meant something it didn’t. Keever obviously intended the endorsement to be interpreted across Palm Beach County as the weighty endorsement of a legitimate news organization in West Boca Raton, and not the personal platitudes of a Republican Executive Committee member, bound by a loyalty oath.

How ethical is that from the candidate of integrity?

It’s not like I was running around looking for something on Keever, either. She emailed me this dreck.

When I saw the headline, I actually thought an independent West Boca News organization existed.

It wasn’t until I started reading that I realized it was the political equivalent of one of those Nigerian email scams.

Does anyone think inept, buffoonish stunts like this are going to beat the Democrats in November?

Local Republicans better get real, fast.

Jack Furnari


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