Jack’s Voter Guide: House District 82 sneak peek

House District 82: Vote for Mary Lynn Magar, a true conservative with real political skills.


Magar is fighting it out in a primary with four other Republicans: Carl Domino, Jonathan Milton, Jon Pasqualone and Calvin Turnquest.

In this group, Magar is a bright shining star. She’s personable, accomplished and knows how to get things done. She is pro-life and pro-family, and she believes in limited government, personal responsibility and lower taxes.

Magar has been endorsed by U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney, state Sen. Joe Negron and even the Martin County 9/12 Tea Party Committee, which called Magar a “consistent, reliably conservative voice.”

District 82 is largely in Martin County, where Magar lives, with only a tiny sliver of the district in the northern-most reaches of Palm Beach County. Magar is not a career politician, and she speaks with a voice of experience being part of the community she seeks to serve.

This race is boiling down to a contest between the two frontrunners, Magar and Palm Beach County’s Domino. Domino had eight years in the Legislature before being term-limited out. He then ran for state Senate and lost. Now, Domino wants to go back to the Florida House by running for a seat that isn’t even in his backyard.

If Magar were a lesser candidate, Domino, despite his pro-abortion voting record, might be a viable choice for some Republicans. But Magar is a sterling conservative with superior political skills. She’ll get the job done for the residents in District 82, and she deserves the conservative vote in the primary.

Once again, to clarify for those who still don’t get it, these are my personal choices and opinions. BizPac Review does not endorse candidates. BizPac, the political action committee, is a separate entity. I am not bound by its endorsements, nor do I control them. As a business organization, BizPac has its agenda, and as a conservative, I have mine.

Candidate website: MaryLynnMagar.com

Jack Furnari


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