Palm Beach Post gets slammed

Gossip Extra’s Jose Lambiet just published a scathing editorial about the vendetta being waged by the Palm Beach Post against candidate for State Attorney Dave Aronberg.

Lambiet calls the Post a “dying daily” and takes the Post to the woodshed.


Most of what the Post accuses Aronberg of isn’t illegal, and what’s borderline wouldn’t keep a jury awake long enough for a conviction.Back in March, the Post found out the hard way it no longer is alone calling the shots in its own market when embarrassing emails questioning the relationship between the paper and the then-State Attorney McAuliffe appeared on Gossip Extra and the conservative Boca-based website Bizpacreview.

Suddenly, the Post looked downright corrupt — and two emerging news organizations with a combined audience of 160,000 unique readers a month (and growing fast) made that fact ring out loud and clear.

An institutional dinosaur like the Post can’t stand to have the tables turned on it. So it went after Aronberg, whom the newspaper blamed in Sunday’s story for the release of the Schultz-Swan emails.


I don’t agree with everything Lambiet says, but his editorial is a must read.

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Jack Furnari


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