Supreme Court Justices seek to stop depositions in own lawsuits

The three Florida Supreme Court Justices who are facing their own legal problems for allegedly violating state election law, now want to avoid, or at least postpone, submitting to giving their own depositions in the matter. According to this morning’s Sunshine State News:

Barbara Pariente, Peggy Quince and R. Fred Lewis have filed a motion asking a Leon County judge to block the discovery phase from starting until their motion can be heard to dismiss the lawsuit. The suit seeks to prohibit Secretary of State Ken Detzner from placing the justices on the November ballot.

And they added that testimony should also be held up for the 19 other law clerks, judicial assistants and others that the conservative Southeastern Legal Foundation has sought to depose.

“The court should enter a protective order staying discovery until the court rules on the justices’ motion to dismiss,” wrote counsel for the justices — John DeVault III, Henry Coxe III, Michael Lockamy.

The Atlanta-based foundation, in a lawsuit on behalf of Florida residents Bernard Long and Veronico L. “Ron” Flores, claims the justices violated state law by using court employees to prepare the campaign documents needed to qualify for the merit retention election on the November ballot.

Read the entire article at Sunshine State News.

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