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Dems mass concentration prison camp lesson: ‘Don’t send emails’

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The fireworks lingered past the Fourth and exploded at a Palm Beach County Democratic Executive Committee meeting Thursday, when local party Chairman Mark Alan Siegel broached the inflammatory emails and consequential resignation of DEC member Evelyn Garcia.

Siegel addressed the scandal with a warning on the dangers of sharing emails, prompting one member to become agitated enough to confront him.

Garcia was forced out of her position as Palm Beach County’s representative to the Democratic National Committee after BizPac Review exposed some recent anti -Semitic emails she wrote.

Loren Londner, a DEC member who had received the emails and discussed her outrage over them in the BPR post, confronted Siegel openly at the meeting, saying she never intended for the controversial correspondence to be made public and clearing the record that she did not leak it to BPR.

Londner objected when Siegel lectured the crowd on what he thought was the lesson to be learned from the Garcia flap: to avoid sending emails that members do not wish to made public. Londner said she tried to bring the inflammatory emails to the attention of local party leaders to keep it “inside the family,” but no one did anything.

Londner’s argument with Siegel refueled talk around the Palm Beach County Democratic Party that Siegel knew about the emails as early as last year and did nothing about them, a charge Siegel continues to deny. On Thursday, though, he did not rule out the possibility that Londner raised the issue at some time in the past and that he had discounted it without looking into it further because she had developed a reputation for raising trivial complaints.

“She might of said that she knew of remarks that were anti-Semitic. I got reports from some of the campaigns that they were anti-Semitic,” Siegel said. “Loren Londner says a lot of things, but we don’t listen too much of what she says. It may have been lumped in with her other slander.”

When asked if he ever had a conversation with Londner about the specific emails in question , Siegel responded, “not that I recall.”

Chairman Siegel: “Beware of what you send out in an email”

Loren Londner confronts Siegel

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