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Tax Collector’s crazy fish video

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The Discovery Channel features an annual “Shark Week.” “Barney Miller” had its own Lt. Fish. And John Cleese was enamored with “A Fish Called Wanda.” You’d expect such fascinations in the entertainment world, but at a government agency known for collecting taxes? Yep, welcome to the bizarre world of Palm Beach County Tax Collector Anne Gannon.

BizPac Review recently came into possession of a series of videos depicting Gannon and her employees gathered around what appears to be a brightly colored windsock in the shape of a fish. They smooch lips with it, reel it in and hang it up. Then they seem to recite oaths to the fish. What’s going on here? What was the purpose of these “incantations”? And why a fish?

Personally, when I deal with any government agency, I like my needs to be met competently and soberly, without any fishy business. Of course, I’m happy to see Gannon and her crew are having such a great time, but it really begs the question: If they have the time for this, isn’t it time to start cutting back on personnel?


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