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Why Left And Right Differ In Europe

By Norman Berdichevsky

This tradition faulting the Left persists in many languages such as Latin (sinistra), from which we derive ‘sinister’ indicating evil, dangerous, mistrusted, suspicious although originally meaning simply “Left”.

The French word for “left” is gauche, which in English means “awkward” or “tactless.” The English word left comes from Old English meaning “weak.”

Move to ban online ammo sales just cheap political theater

Last week, I argued that the worst time to debate any gun control issue was in the wake of a massacre. I guess I didn’t say it […]

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Brett Doster slams Carl Domino

It los like the House District 82 race is heating up. Brett Doster just released the following statement on behalf ofMaryLynn Magar: Carl Domino has chosen an […]

‘Victims of Palm Beach Post Vendettas Club’ adds new member

Soon, the VPV Club will be extending its coveted award to state attorney candidate Dave Aronberg. But let me start at the beginning. There are heroes in […]

Shoot a fellow student, get a day of detention

The road to ‘fairness’ is paved with apathy and mediocrity, and often ends in irrationality. President Barack Obama’s latest executive order has now taken affirmative action from […]

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VIDEO: Why does the president spend so much time explaining himself?

On ABC’s This Week Sunday, columnist George Will asks, “Why does the ‘brightest, m0st educated, most articulate politician ever’ spend so much time explaining what he actually […]

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Hadassah caves to Democrats in cancelling political debate

The political debate sponsored by Hadassah, scheduled for Sept. 12, has been canceled — by Hadassah. Tom Trento, a fervent Israel supporter and leading critic of Islam, […]

Iron Jawed Angels: A remedy for voter apathy

Ever wake up on Election Day and say to yourself, “I think I’ll just sit this one out”? I have an app — er, a movie for […]

VIDEO: Illegal immigrants exploit ‘Dream Act’ exec. order

The law of unintended consequences will come back to bite you in the butt every time. The result of President Obama’s recent “Dream Act” executive order is […]

Will U.S. dip Old Glory at Olympics?

“We bow to no one” has been had been ingrained in the American tradition since America was America. That tradition is being debated by the U.S. Olympic […]

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Jack’s Voter Guide: House District 82 sneak peek

House District 82:Vote for Mary Lynn Magar, a true conservative with real political skills.   Magar is fighting it out in a primary with four other Republicans: […]

State attorney candidate promotes Astroturf editorial

When a candidate for state attorney sends out an e touting an endorsement from a “news” organization, at the very least, one would expect the endorsement is […]

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