Rude Democratic official causes his own ‘gotcha’ moment

Local politicians of a certain age are mostly clueless about the new media world we live in. Last week, the program director of a local Democratic club […]

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Schools Chancellor backs principal’s decision to swap ‘USA’ song with Bieber

It’s really sad for me to see what’s happened to the place where I was born and raised. Via The New York Post They’re proud to be un-American. City Schools […]

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Are A Debt Crisis And Default Inevitable?

By George Noga

The just-concluded three-part series about the endgame of the US debt crisis sparked more reaction than usual – not just from MLLG’s direct email recipients but also from readers of other blogs that routinely republish our posts.

There remain skeptics, as well as those desperately clinging to hope, who aver a full blown crisis, albeit likely, is not foreordained. This blog post is for them. Note: The entire series is now available on our website:

Who qualified, who didn’t

The ballot is set for the upcoming elections, with many candidates running in different districts due to redistricting, but few surprises arose at the end of today’s […]

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Boca group stands up to union, City Council

A newly formed citizens group in Boca Raton warns that the city faces a financial “tsunami” unless it addresses various issues in its budget — in particular, […]

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Tax collector spends faster than she can collect

At a time when Palm Beach County is saddled with a significant budget shortfall, the Tax Collector’s Office is spending taxpayer money like she’s on a Disney […]

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Why Muslims ‘Become Radicalized’ Is No Mystery

By Dr. Norman Berdichevsky

They are not jokers, hippies, or oppositionists. They are seekers of martyrdom, meaning that they are in a hurry to go to Paradise.

They are not interested in the life of this world, and they want to take with them to the grave the greatest number of people possible.

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Jews Need Conservative Christians

The United States of America, a Christian country, gave my Jewish parents haven from persecution and hatred. No limits were placed on their accomplishments, goals and aspirations. […]

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By George Noga

In German mythology Gotterdammerung is the destruction of the gods and all other things in a final battle with evil powers. It also is the final opera in Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung.

Symbolically, on March 28, 1945, with Russian forces less than 20 miles from the bomb-cratered city, the last scene from Die Gotterdammerung was the final performance of the Berlin Philharmonic…