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In latest email, Alan Grayson cries like a baby

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Alan Grayson, the left’s favorite wing nut, whined like a little baby in a recent campaign email.

Grayson is running in a Democratic primary in the new Florida Congressional District 9. The district includes Osceola County and parts of Polk and Orange counties.

Grayson sent out a “Fight Corporate Smears” money bomb, which blames his 2010 loss to Daniel Webster on “sewer money” smears by the right wing.

Grayson even says:

“Right in front of our eyes, the right wing in America is strip-mining the political landscape, polluting it with wave after wave of hateful propaganda and lies. First the radio, then the newspapers, and now TV are virtually all right-wing, virtually all the time. And that’s just the ‘news’ coverage; the paid ads are even worse.”

All the news coverage is “right wing”? That’s a new one on me.

There isn’t a sane person on either the right or left who believes that to be true.

This whiny bit is particularly funny: “The right-wing has only one tool, and it needs only one tool – the slanderous attack ad.”

No, Mr. Grayson, it’s not our only tool, but it does happen to be a personal favorite of mine. I only wish I was the one doing it to you. Pity.

Here, via Mother Jones, circa 2010, is a sample of Grayson’s own statesman-like quotes:



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