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Anne Gannon’s magic kingdom: What does a ‘7 eleven educator’ do, exactly?

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No one can say Palm Beach County Tax Collector Anne Gannon lacks imagination. Perhaps she took the $11,000 seminar presented by the creative folks from Disney too much to heart. Maybe she has a Peter Pan complex and doesn’t want to grow up. Whatever the reason, her office has dreamed up the most cartoonish job titles conceivable.

GoddessGeorgetteSMImagine that you’ve entered the portals of a wondrous land and are checking the registry of officials waiting to serve you. They have a commencement socialite, a 7-eleven educator, even a taxmanian money runner. Finally, your eyes settle on the one person who can answer all your questions, perhaps fulfill all your dreams — the goddess of excellence and opportunity. This, you now realize, is going to be exciting. (Click image at left for larger view.)

Where could you possibly be? Willie Wonka’s magical chocolate factory? Buckingham Palace? Perhaps a twister picked your house up and planted it in the land of Oz!

Nope, nope and nope! You’re in sunny South Florida, at the Palm Beach County Tax Collector’s Office.

According to documents obtained by BPR from the tax collector’s office, these are, or were actual job titles within Gannon’s “kingdom.” The only question is how do I return to reality? Do I click my heels three times?

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