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Jews Need Conservative Christians

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The United States of America, a Christian country, gave my Jewish parents haven from persecution and hatred. No limits were placed on their accomplishments, goals and aspirations. In short, they were left on their own to sink or swim. They opted not to just tread water but to stroke their way into the mainstream of their new land. Their vision was the American dream: for their kids to do better than they did. They were successful.

So why were so many of my peers, also children of immigrants, unhappy with this country prior to 2010? Why did so many of them vote for “change?” Change from what? Tell me, please, what was it they did not have? What was it they were without? Exactly, what was it they wanted? More than two and a half years later, they’re still waiting, and what they’ve seen they don’t like. Hard for them to say it, but they feel it and I know it!
Forget about the economics lesson we’re getting. Everyone’s in that basket. Just let me concentrate on purely Jewish issues. There is Obama’s harsh, vindictive treatment of Netanyahu and Israel. Obama’s submission to Iran and its nuclear developments. Obama’s green light to the Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of Egypt and, eventually, Libya. Obama’s soft-pedaling on Syria. Obama as spokesman for Hamas’ and the Palestinians’ demands on Israel. Obama’s denial of, and the Justice Department’s blind eye for, Muslim terrorists and their activities.
The words booming out of the Jewish bullhorn must be, “Anybody but Obama!” That’s the mantra for2012. With Eric Cantor as the lone Jewish Republican in both houses, the burden for supporting Jewish issues in D.C. falls on our conservative Christian representatives, who must be supported by the Jewish electorate. They must be educated on issues that draw positive reactions from Jewish voters. Allen West is an expert in this field.Sen. Charles Schumer, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Rep. Ted Deutch can’t touch West on Jewish issues.
It’s the little people who will make a difference in 2012. They are the troops on the ground who will monitor their organizations and synagogues to ensure the liberal mantra is not spread without equal representation from the voices on the right who totally support Israel/Jewish issues.
My parents sought refuge in this great country nearly 100 years ago. A short spell in the annals of history. I will fight for hundreds more. I owe it to them, my kids and my America.


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