Romney’s Latest Web Ad

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Obama flirts with disaster, negotiates with Taliban

One day, a scorpion reached a river he wanted to cross. He saw a frog on the other side and called out, “Would you be so kind […]

Back by popular demand: More military memes

I think about our men and women in uniform every day and appreciate the hard work and sacrifices that they and their families make. So in honor of […]

MaryLynn Magar a District 82 standout with key support, business know-how

MaryLynn Magar doesn’t consider herself a politician. But having grown up in northern Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C., she picked up plenty of knowledge about political dos […]

We ‘Run Silent, Run Deep’ with the USS Dallas crew

As Fleet Week comes to an end in Fort Lauderdale, the men from theUSS Dallas will return to their regular routine, minus the guest tours and media […]

‘Half-baked’ sales tax proposal axed – for now

The Palm Beach County Commission on Tuesday voted 4-3 to postpone for one year a ballot proposal to increase the sales tax by half of a percentage point. The […]

BizPac Review
Government Is Inherently Evil

By George Noga

Formerly, I used “malevolent” to describe government; I now am escalating the rhetoric to “evil” which is a more apt descriptor.

The definition of evil is harmful, injurious, wrong, bad, wicked, unfortunate, disastrous, maleficent, immoral, ill-willed, malicious and malign.