We ‘Run Silent, Run Deep’ with the USS Dallas crew

navy-uss-dallas-crewAs Fleet Week comes to an end in Fort Lauderdale, the men from theUSS Dallas will return to their regular routine, minus the guest tours and media questions they have had to endure this week.

BPR took the opportunity to interview some of  the sailors and document the activities that take place on the vessel that was featured in Tom Clancy’s famous book The Hunt For Red October. Petty Officer Travis Nantz and some of the other sailors gave us a  picture of what life is like on the USS Dallas when we are not around. I wish I could have interviewed every one of the hard working men on this submarine. They were truly an impressive crew. We are lucky to have them serve on our behalf!


Petty Officer Travis Nantz, Ft. Myers

The kitchen crew doubles as a surgery  team!

The operating table!


The Captain leads the crew in taking the vessel down

LTJG Bryan Carlson talks politics and voting

Important stepping stone for one submariner


To see an interview with the Captain go to: BizPac Review sails into Port Everglades on USS Dallas submarine

Michele Kirk


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