Starla Brown, the velvet glove of the conservative cause

Starla Brown, a staunch, conservative Republican, has never been far from the political arena. She to her first dip in the electoral pool at age 19, when […]

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The Leftwing Tilt Of American Literature And Film

By Dr. Norman Berdichevsky

Long before the turbulent 60s, there was a strong attachment of many of America’s leading writers and filmmakers with the Left.

This has predisposed much political thought to follow the cultural trends perceived as ‘enlightened’, ‘progressive’, ‘idealistic’ and ‘cool’…

Tami Donnally touting pro-business values in run for Florida House

Tami Donnally puts a lot of stock in personal values. “I’m just Tami,” said the wife, mother, former teacher, church administrator and second-time political office seeker. “When […]

Cool video of sailfish breaking line and escaping

In case you ever doubted the beauty of Florida’s spectacular marine environment, I’ve got a video for you. I to out a fishing charter on Friday off […]

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The Appeal Of Jihad And The Cartoon Affair

By Dr. Norman Berdichevsky

If we are to learn anything at all from history, it is that the Islamist concept of jihad was unequivocally understood as “violent holy war” against the infis and not subject to varying interpretations.

It remains a political weapon that has been used quite similarly by the last Ottoman Caliph, the Taliban, the Iranian mullahs, Al-Qaeda and rival extremist Sunni and Shi’ite clerics in Iraq today…

Leila’s – a destination for authentic Middle Eastern food

Located two blocks south of Clematis Street, Leila’s Restaurant has established itself as a destination restaurant featuring Middle Eastern/Mediterranean cuisine. Chef and owner, Alex Awad, who was […]

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George Noga; The Endgame

By George Noga

This is the second of a three-part series about the coming default by the US government on its sovereign debt. The first part, dealing with the interest bomb, is available on our website:

This second episode addresses the endgame, specifically what happens between now and the arrival of the Minsky Moment, the unknown and unknowable instant the debt crisis goes thermonuclear.

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I wept at Obama’s betrayal of Israel

Ileafed through the pages ofVolume I in the seriesentitled,“The Greatest Quotes ofMichelle Obama, to plagiarize the opening for today’s tale. I’m drained from the effort. “For […]

Doodle 4 Google 2012 Contest

Google “Doodles” are those fun graphics we see posted on Google’s home page that make up the Google logo. Google started using Doodles to commemorate birthdays of […]

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The Interest Bomb Is Ticking

By: George Noga

This post kicks off a three-part series about the crisis of spending, debt and deficits.

The next part deals with the interval between now and the inevitable arrival of the Minsky Moment, i.e. the unknown and unknowable time when an unsustainable economic phenomenon suddenly collapses.

The third post will address Gotterdammerung, or what happens after the Minsky Moment.

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Animadversions, Gravamen And Mad Cows

By George Noga

A Timely Collection of Pith and Pluck

Every so often I accumulate a critical mass of newsy hors d’oeuvres that are too compelling not to write about but are not, in and of themselves, enough for a full meal. This is one of those times…

Latest polling data: Ellyn Bogdanoff vs. Maria Sachs

If Democrats thought they were facing a walk in the park in the upcoming battle over Florida Senate District 34, they greatly underestimated the bipartisan appeal of […]