The ‘Boys of Summer’ are back and there’s an app for that

Today marks the official start of baseball season (though the Marlins had their official season opener last night) and not everyone can be in front of their television to watch […]

BizPac Review
Inherited Family Fortunes Of FDR, JFK, Gore And Kerry Dwarf Romney Wealth

By Dr. Norman Berdichevsky

Mitt Romney will face Barack Hussein Obama and the President will play every card in his hand of divisiveness and pitting Americans against each other – first and foremost the racial card, then the gender card and the ethnic card with Hispanics.

Almost possessing a straight flush, Obama will play the class card of the Occupy Movement…

Lois Frankel scares seniors to capture votes

Lois Frankel, a Democratic candidate in U.S. House District 22, has made clear how she plans to win election to Congress: scare senior citizens about Medicare, even […]

BizPac Review
Real Doctors Versus Witch Doctors

By George Noga

The number and gravity of disconnects between objective reality and liberal dogma are increasing exponentially.

It is the difference between truth based on logic and the scientific method on the one hand and mythology and vapid political correctness on the other. It is nothing less than modern witchcraft!

The greatest Peep show on Earth

For the past six years around Easter, the Washington Post has its annual Peeps Diorama Contest. There were many creative entries depicting some of the most iconic […]