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While Muslims terrorize FAU students, Anti-Defamation League cowers

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The Florida Atlantic University campus in Boca Raton sits just a half-mile from the Islamic Center of Boca Raton, built to accommodate the Muslim students and staff of the university. It’s no wonder then that there is a sharing of Quranic Jew-hating ideology between the mosque and the kids from FAU. The Islamic Center has had two founders jailed for terrorist activities, and its founding imam was deported for similar reasons by the federal government.

fau eviction noticeThe FAU campus, we have learned, is a bubbling pot of Sharia law advocates. Add in a pinch or two of radical Marxists, and this spells trouble for FAU’s Jewish students. On March 30, the Students for Justice in Palestine, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood-organized Muslim Students Association, randomly posted phony eviction fliers on students’ doors, claiming Israel was similarly tossing Palestinians from their homes. The parallel was false and clearly meant to send a message of terror to Jewish students.

Outright Jew-hating in this country lingers as dying embers with old-timers such as Louis Farrakhan, his Nation of Islam and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the outspoken pastor of Obama’s church in Chicago. A new breed of bigot hides behind these Muslim groups, heaping hate on Jewish Israel and branding all Jews as vile human beings. The new trend: Hate Israel, hate Jews.

Unfortunately, the Jewish defense agencies that rake in millions of dollars by claiming they are the protectors of their flock are tamely approaching this problem at the school. The giant Anti-Defamation League has uttered protestations to the university but is willing to accept the administration’s statement that there was no intent on the part of the Students for Justice in Palestine to intimidate or threaten any students based on their religion or national origin. The ADL’s response was meek in contrast to the Zionist Organization of America, whose local leader, Joseph Sabag, is unrelenting in his quest for justice in this case. He wants the university to crack down on the Muslim radicals on campus who now seem to have a free hand in intimidating and threatening Jewish students. It’s clear that the Zionist Organization of America has taken the mantle of leadership in this area from other groups, which sadly take donations under what appears to be false pretenses.

FAU logoIt is quite evident that FAU is assuming the stance of other universities such as Rutgers, the University of California-Berkeley and even Brooklyn College, where Muslim students seem to have more interest in spreading Sharia hate than getting a real American education. Kudos to Sabag and his group for standing up for American values.


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