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Patrick Murphy’s bizarre St. Patrick’s Day attack on Allen West

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Erin Go Bragh is a Gaelic phrase used by 19th century Irish nationalists in their early battles for freedom from the British Empire. One would think Patrick Murphy, a Democratic congressional candidate trying to beat U.S. Rep. Allen West, would know that.

The phrase means “Ireland forever,” and there are also some translations in which it means “Ireland until doomsday.”

In his St. Patrick’s Day email message, which was just another attack on West, Murphy’s clever little campaign leprechauns came up with the slogan, “Erin Go Congress.”

View Murphy’s email here.

Let’s forget that Murphy chose to use St. Patrick’s Day, an official feast day of the Roman Catholic Church in celebration of an actual saint, as an occasion to attack a political opponent. It’s tacky but easily overlooked by most in our increasingly secular society.

Let’s also forget about the Irish patriots, who must be turning over in their grave at the trivialization of words they fought and died for, and examine the political message Murphy is sending.

One has to wonder why Murphy and his campaign team thought creating a logo and phrase that says, “Ireland go Congress,” above Murphy’s logo was a good political message to send to anyone, on any day, at anytime. It’s fine that his middle name is “Erin,” and the word Erin means Ireland. I get that.

Is Ireland itself plotting to take over our Congress?

I mean, seriously, what the heck is Murphy talking about? Is this a crass ethnic appeal to voters of Irish descent, or is it an attempt to highlight the racial differences between Murphy and West?

It sounds like a “Hey, in case anyone missed it, I’m white and West is black” kind of message to me.

This may be a newsflash to the Murphy campaign, but I think everyone already knows West is black and Murphy is white, with an Irish surname to prove it. Somehow, we managed to figure that out all on our own.

The Murphy campaign continues to be one of the most amateurish and off-message congressional campaigns I’ve seen in some time, and for West supporters, it is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Jack Furnari


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