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Occupy DC protesters show up at CPAC

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BPR is in Washington, D.C. attending the CPAC Conference.

Occupy DC, a self described non-violent movement working in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, posted a call to action on their website Occupy DC for revolution to make the CPAC event a “conference attendees will never forget.” Calling the politicians “dastardly”, the group summed up their mission as a protest against this “gathering of bigots, media mouthpieces, corrupt politicians, and their 1 percent elite puppet masters.”

Graphic from the Occupy DC site

As you can imagine, the event security and DC police are on high alert and were quick to chase off the few dozen “occupiers” who showed up at noon on Friday. The group was kept at bay on the street in front of the Marriott hotel, but BPR caught up with “Sam”, an occupier who explained some things about their position and their goals. Other members of the group admitted, off camera, that they were getting paid $60 for the day by the local unions to protest the event and had no idea what they were protesting.

Michele Kirk


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