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Leaked emails between Palm Beach Post and Michael McAuliffe reveal liberal bias

BizPac Review has obtained hundreds of pages of e correspondence between Palm Beach Post employees and State Attorney Michael McAuliffe that appear to show an unusually close […]

BizPac Review
Drinking And Driving: A Better Paradigm

By George Noga

Laws often have little to do with logic; this is particularly true with drinking and driving.

What we have today is a hodge podge that penalizes innocuous behavior while failing to stop the most dangerous behavior. The incentives and proportionality all are out of kilter. Current laws penalize conditions (blood alcohol) much than actions (moving violations). America needs a better paradigm.

Time running out on PIP reform

With just a couple of weeks left before the end of the legislative session, the drive to reform Florida’s no-fault auto insurance system is on an uncertain […]

Nevada’s experience proves it: Detention center a win-win for South Florida

A few years ago, Pahrump — a town in the Nevada county I represent — was presented with an economic development opportunity that generated considerable controversy. I […]

Boca Councilman Anthony Majhess is either delusional or a liar

Boca Raton Councilman Anthony Majhess is either usional or a calculating liar. I simply cannot say it any other way or continue to remain polite to him. […]

Wine Dive on Clematis Street is no dive bar

A few weeks ago, the Wine Dive quietly opened its doors at 319 Clematis St. in West Palm Beach. Contrary to its name, the Wine Dive’s first […]

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When Fairness Turns to Greed: The Gluttony of Public Unions

Things are getting real ugly, real quick. Public sector union bosses are working overtime to tighten their stranglehold on America’s workforce and economy. For us in Florida, […]

George LeMieux needs to denounce Charlie Crist, or quit

George LeMieux has two big problems to overcome in his campaign to become the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate. One is Connie Mack, and the other […]

Boca Raton candidates rumble over taxes, red-light cameras

BOCA RATON – The two candidates in the contentious race for Seat D on the Boca Raton City Council to an “agree to disagree” stance at a […]

BizPac Review
Just Who Is Debbie Bosanke And Why Has She Become The Poster Lady For Obama?

By George Noga

Debbie Bosanke, for those of you not exposed to the White House and media spin machine, is Warren Buffet’s secretary, she who putatively pays a lower tax rate than her famous boss.

President Obama is using her as an unwitting shill in his neutron bomb class warfare strategy to raise taxes to fund his hell-on-earth social welfare state. Never have I seen any issue so grotesquely demagogued, distorted, dishonest and deceptive. Consider the naked facts…

National spotlight on local non-profit

A local non-profit group, the Florida Fishing Academy, will make its national television debut Monday, Feb. 20, in a “Making a Difference” segment on“NBC Nightly News with […]

Military ‘memes’ worth a thousand words

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. I enjoy these posters, also known as “memes,” and they are just too good not to . Reminds […]

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