Rick Scott preaches hope, Legislators roll the dice

Gov. Rick Scott presented his vision for the second year of his administration with a good dose of ad-libbing throughout a 30-minute speech. He cited three priorities: […]

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Arnold’s Ramblings 1-18-2012

For all of you long term readers of Arnold’s Ramblings, you recognize that Arnold is generally confused by everything, so let Arnold explain to you his latest […]

Online strike over Internet censorship

If one of your favorite websites isn’t working today, it may be because it “went dark” in protest of the SOPA bill. SOPA is the acronym for the Stop […]

Frank Chapman challenges Anthony Mahjess in Boca Raton

Two candidates in March’s Boca Raton city election are already strapping on the gloves. City Councilman Anthony Majhess has found himself facing a challenger, political newcomer Frank […]

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Alas! Alas Babylon Thy Judgment Cometh

By George Noga

Many months have passed since I wrote about the US debt crisis. Inasmuch as this is the signal event of our time, an update is in order along with a few words about Europe’s crisis.

Alas Babylon is from the Book of Revelation (18:10) and predicts the destruction of the great, wealthy and mighty Babylon in atonement for its grotesque excesses. Readers also will recognize Alas Babylon as the…

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Newt Gingrich on Romney and Ron Paul’s Florida campaign

It’s not really Newt’s new Florida ad, but it almost could be. I’m in Orlando for the quarterly Republican Party of Florida meeting, so I didn’t have […]

West Palm Beach firefighters get 5 percent raise, despite tough economy

At a time when cities and counties are looking for ways to tighten their belts, West Palm Beach city commissioners on Monday unanimously approved a 5 percent […]

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Dave Aronberg: ‘The people are smarter than the politicians’

It’s been a little more than a year since Attorney General Pam Bondi asked Dave Aronberg to take on Florida’s drug problem. BPR asked him about his […]

Planning smart communities sometimes means just leaving things alone

After spending 15 years on Palm Beach County’s Land Planning Board, I had the opportunity to hear endless presentations from land planners, consultants and bureaucrats. Heck, I […]

Two of three West Palm Beach city commissioners draw challengers

The field is set for the March 13 West Palm Beach City Commission races, with Commissioners Bill Moss and Sylvia Moffett drawing challengers when qualifying ended on […]

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Arnold’s Ramblings 1-11-2012

The Republican primaries are now in full swing. Iowa showed the surge of Rick Santorum, but Romney still does not look strong enough, yet. Today is New […]

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Lois Frankel’s ethics stink as bad as Alcee Hastings’

The Democrats are chomping at the bit to reclaim Florida’s 22nd Congressional District seat, snatched from them in 2010 by Allen West, R-Plantation. Although they need someone […]