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Online strike over Internet censorship

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If one of your favorite websites isn’t working today, it may be because it “went dark” in protest of the SOPA bill.

SOPA is the acronym for the Stop Online Piracy Act (H.R. 3261).

Though the strike is widely being billed as a SOPA protest, the Senate companion bill dubbed PIPA or the “Protect IP Act” (S.968) is also part of the protest.

Major players in the online world such as GoogleWikipedia and WordPress are going on strike by either “going dark” (going offline) or staying available but still posting a message prominently on their websites in protest of the bills.

The going dark participants believe these bills will censor the Internet and violate First Amendment principles.

BizPac Review’s Michael Dorstewitz wrote about this important issue last week.

The website SOPA Strike.com has a comprehensive list of of “going dark” participants so far, so go there for updates throughout the day.


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