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Arnold’s Ramblings 1-11-2012

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The Republican primaries are now in full swing. Iowa showed the surge of Rick Santorum, but Romney still does not look strong enough, yet. Today is New Hampshire, which Romney should win in a landslide.

My internet computer was infected with various viruses, so for the past several days I have been dealing with setting up a new computer.

One of the interesting dynamics of this past Christmas shopping seasons was that a large percentage of the shoppers were shopping for themselves. This continues to make me feel that this past Christmas was the last major spending spree for years.

Many of you have asked why I do not discuss my relationship with my mother-in-law any longer. The answer is that I have decided that while many of you enjoy the comments, it is inappropriate — and besides my wife is standing next to me so I cannot say anything.

  • The DJIA looks higher for the next few days, then the market will start to head lower and could test the lows of 2009; 6500.
  • Gold is starting to rise in what probably will be the last rise before a major correction.
  • Oil is still over $100 a barrel and could reach $120, but I doubt anything higher.
  • Interest rates are in a trading range and for now should not move out of this range.
  • The dollar is going to start another rise.
  • Real estate pricing should start to fall again.
  • The economy appears to have been stronger in late 2011, and should start to fall again by the end of the first quarter.


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