Clinton’s blood clot ‘between brain and skull,’ no sign of stroke

In an update to the news that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been hospitalized with a blood clot related to a concussion, CNN reported her doctors […]

Possum Drop
PETA wins in court, but ‘it ain’t the New Year until the possum drops’

Even though we made it past December 21, a theoretical “end of days” according to the Mayan calendar, I’m convinced the Mayans still have it in for […]

time square ball large
Take our poll: Do you think 2013 will be a better year than 2012?

2012 was a tough year for many, particularly in the political arena. Will 2013 be any better? Take our poll and tell us what you think. [poll […]

australia New years eve fireworks 2013
Sydney Australia rings in 2013 with breathtaking fireworks show

Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand were two of the first major cities to ring in 2013 with extravagant fire works displays:

new year Israel
Kahlberg: Happy New Year from Israel

Kahlberg is reporting news and opinion from the front of Israel: While 2012 comes to a close in Israel, the Palestinians are making sure that not […]

Donald Trump bombshell
Donald Trump on ‘cliff’: ‘Other countries are eating our lunch’

While lawmakers in Washington are haggling over how to navigate the fiscal cliff, Donald Trump weighed in with his views on New Year’s Eve with Fox News. […]

Obama on Meet the Press
Obama blamed Benghazi on unintentional ‘sloppiness’

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, President Obama blamed the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, on inattention. “There was just some sloppiness — not […]

‘Three-tiered approach’ to gun control a priority for Obama

One of the very few campaign promises President Obama has kept involves something he mentioned at an Oct. 30, 2008, campaign rally in Columbia, Mo.: “We are […]

matt damon
Is ‘fracking’ Obama’s next ‘job killing’ target?

Hollywood’s release of the new movie, “Promised Land,” starring Matt Damon and Josh Krasinski, brings awareness to the controversial natural gas drilling method known as “fracking.” News […]

Liberal newspapers hurtling toward extinction

British scientist Charles Darwin showed 150 years ago that creatures failing to adapt to changes around them become extinct. The Darwinian maxim also pertains to newspapers. We […]

Clinton at Brookings
Hillary Clinton hospitalized with concussion-related blood clot

Fox News is reporting that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been hospitalized at New York-Presbyterian Hospital with a blood clot that resulted from the concussion she […]

Obama administration justifies mandate as Hobby Lobby owners defy law

David and Barbara Green, founders and owners of Hobby Lobby, are placing their religious principles ahead of an Obama administration mandate — and they may pay dearly […]

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