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Florida Republicans Softening On Illegal Immigration?

With close to 1 million illegal immigrants residing in Florida, costing taxpayers anywhere from $3 – $5 Billion dollars a year depending on which study you fall back on, there’s every reason to expect Florida lawmakers to go after the issue in earnest. Right?

Florida is facing a $3.5 Billion dollar budget shortfall this year and unemployment is still at record levels, 11.9% based on the latest reports, so it would appear to be prudent to follow the lead of other states that have begun cracking down on illegal immigration.

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How To Repeal Obamacare In The Senate

If Senators don’t take two procedural steps this week, they will make it virtually impossible to ever get a vote on the House-passed full repeal bill this Congress.

If the supporters of a full repeal of Obamacare don’t use the Senate’s rules to force a vote on full repeal, don’t take them seriously when they say they are really want to repeal President Obama’s de facto government takeover of health care.

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Mica; Scott Would Support Rail If Biz Pays

Rick Scott continues to meet with the various supporters of high speed rail and continues to shirk a request to meet with representatives of the Florida Liberty Alliance, a statewide group of tea party organizers.

It’s beginning to look as if the ally the tea party thought it had in the Governor’s Mansion may not be quite so.

Fortunately, the tea party knows how to respond to elected officials that ignore the will of the people.

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Matthew Falconer; Privatizing High Speed Rail

By Matthew Falconer

The talk in Tallahassee these days is about removing taxpayer objections to Obama’s high speed rail by claims of “privatizing” the project.

The talk started the very same week Associated Industries of Florida (or if you like my nickname “The Associated Industries who will Build and Profit from the Train”) formed a political action committee to sell the project.

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Rep. John Mica And Rick Scott Talk Rail

Interesting that grassroots activists, who played a key role in helping Gov. Scott get elected, can’t seem to get the same consideration as the many proponents of HSR.

Frustrations are beginning to mount for tea party leaders who’ve been requesting an audience with the Governor for weeks now to discuss the rail issue.

Considering the challenges Scott faces in building a working relationship with the Republican establishment, it doesn’t seem to be wise to alienate the one base he can count on. Just saying!

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The Tea Party And The Politician

One of the prevailing themes of the tea party movement, accurately captured in the book ‘Tea Party, The Awakening’, written by Brent Morehouse, which includes testimonials from tea party members from across the country, is the idea that for most, this was their first foray into politics.

Of the tea party, I am qualified to speak, of politicians, well, maybe not as much. What I can do is share my observations over the past two years…

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Senator Rubio Holds News Conference From Afghanistan

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio announced today that he and six other Senators just ended a trip to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

While traveling in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Senator Rubio met with U.S. troops, military officials and political leaders to discuss political, economic and security issues affecting bilateral relations, including General David Petraeus and Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Earlier in the day, Senator Rubio held a conference call with Florida reporters…

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McCain Calls Obama a 'Patriot,' Rejects Critics Who Say He's 'Unworthy' to Lead

McCain is baffling, to say the least. How he can overlook all that has happened over the past two years and make the claim that Obama is working to “advance our country’s cause” is proof positive that there should be a mandatory retirement age in Congress.

Obama represents an unsustainable big government, entitlement society where the citizens are dependent on the federal government. McCain seems to be confused as to what our country’s cause is. Either that, or he sees value in the ‘progressive’ agenda of the far left.

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Dishing with D’Lish: Palm Beach Grill

A popular place that really dishes it out well is the Palm Beach Grill. It’s related to the Houston’s chain of restaurants but with just a tad […]

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Arizona Shooting Victim Arrested For Death Threat Against Tea Party

By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

Toward the end of a town hall meeting held Saturday morning in Tuscon, Arizona, one of the shooting victims, J. Eric Fuller, made a death threat against Tucson Tea Party spokesman Trent Humphries.

Fuller took exception to undisclosed comments made by Humphries, took a photo of him and said, “You’re Dead.”

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Bitner Claims FL GOP Chair, Pledges Unity And Wins In '12

One could argue that the more things change, the more they remain the same…

On the other hand, one could also accurately access that the ultimate winner is an fair reflection of the body itself. Either way, if Bitner can avoid being hauled away in handcuffs, the RPOF will be further ahead than it was under Greer.

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GOP Chair Contenders Square-Off In Forum

By John Kennedy
The News Service of Florida

Five contenders vying to become Florida’s next Republican Party chair squared-off Friday night in an hourlong candidate forum, vowing to continue working to shed the tarnished image left by indicted ex-GOP boss Jim Greer.

The exchanges between the candidates were largely soft-edged, belying what most party officials agree is emerging as a heated race…

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