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What Business Needs From the Florida Legislature

PART ONE IN A SERIES     Sometimes, the prosperity of Florida’s businesses, and their ability to create jobs that improve the quality of life in Florida’s communities, depends heavily on the actions […]

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Arnold’s Ramblings 3-15-2011

A person whom I usually would say is insane, was lecturing me last week about all of the natural disasters: the earthquakes in Japan, New Zealand and […]

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Smart-Capping the Tax-and-Spenders

There’s a really good, game-changing idea barreling down the political pike toward us. It’s called Smart Capping, and the Florida Senate is debating it. Taxpayer-friendly proposals don’t […]

Keith James hit with election complaint

The former Secretary of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party, Diana Demarest, has filed an election complaint with the Florida Elections Commission against West Palm Beach City […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 3-8-2011

Arnold has spent the past week contemplating the world as it is. This is a totally wasted exercise I know, but it is necessary none the less. […]

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A Satisfying Tale of Comeuppance

One of the delightful and satisfying tales from Rick Scott’s campaign for Governor was his decision to boycott the editorial boards of Florida’s mainstream media (MSM) On […]

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Environmentalism’s Siren Song

By George Noga

This week I am departing from the usual format to write more directly and personally.

Of my exasperations, nothing matches the environmental movement for effrontery. Nearly everything about it is fraudulent; yet it has captured the hearts and souls of our children.

Try explaining to your kids that every measure of human and environmental well-being is better today than at any time in the past 100 years and continues to improve…

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The Dish on Morton’s in WPB

Believe it or not, one of the best happy hours in town is at Morton’s Steakhouse in West Palm Beach.   It’s a great opportunity to experience the […]

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Arnold’s Ramblings 3-1-2011

All these attacks against Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin and his plan to reduce state employee costs in Wisconsin (and close a budget deficit) and reduce collective […]

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Got mercury? Not much, in locally caught seafood, sampling shows

Great news on the mercury content for our local fish. I recently participated in a research project conducted by Got Mercury?, a California-based environmental group that seeks […]

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Florida Is Going More Liberty – Less Government

By George Noga

The Florida legislature convenes March 8th for its 2011 session.

As a preview and in a first for MLLG, we are devoting an entire email to praising a government. The leadership of the Sunshine State truly is something rare and special. Governor Rick Scott, Senate President Mike Haridopolos and House Speaker Dean Cannon all strongly favor more liberty and less government.

With strong majorities in both chambers, the next 2 years should be exciting for friends of limited government.

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Arnold’s Ramblings 2-22-2011

Hi, The past week has been another amazing week! Now, not only is Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen almost certain to have a change in government; but Libya looks […]

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