Arnold’s Ramblings 12-14-2011

Arnold has spent several hours (nearly asleep) observing former Governor Jon Corzine’s testimony before Congress regarding the failure of MF Global and the disappearance of up to […]

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Political correctness takes all the joy out of giving

The joy of Christmas and Hanukkah is expressed in the giving, not the receiving. There are always those to whom we’re expected to give gifts, such as […]

Poll shows Dave Aronberg trouncing State Attorney Michael McAuliffe

A poll taken in late August shows former state Sen. Dave Aronberg trouncing current Palm Beach County State Attorney Michael McAuliffe in a hypothetical Democratic primary matchup for the […]

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Debra Robinson slammed by school board colleagues

Dysfunction, which is not the same thing as gridlock, sometimes plagues public bodies. Impaired and maladjusted school boards and county commissions were a common occurrence in Palm […]

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Obama disses Hanukkah

I did a double-take when I heard that President Obama was celebrating Hanukkah a bit early this year. He did so by hosting the lighting of the […]

Lois Frankel’s math-challenged email is laughable, and telling

Lois Frankel’s latest campaign email is so pitifully inaccurate that one has to wonder if anyone from her campaign checks basic facts or is capable of basic […]

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Red Light Cameras: Help Or Hindrance?

By George Noga

Red light cameras are only a logical extension of technology; they conserve law enforcement resources for use against more serious crimes; they merely mimic what a live on-the-spot officer would do; and they reduce serious accidents and, as a corollary, increase public safety.

They are highly reliable and not a threat to liberty. They are not primarily about money. Without traffic lights, mayhem would reign…

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SNL pokes fun of Al Sharpton in comedy skit

Saturday Night Live mocked Al Sharpton in this skit Saturday night: via Brietbart

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Herman Cain back at work and Newt Gingrich’s lottery win

The humor section of my brain is probably one of the very few bipartisan areas of my body. I like Herman Cain. I defended him on this […]

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Obama ramps up class warfare with ‘fair share’ baloney

On Tuesday, President Obama addressed a crowd in Osawatomie, Kan., purportedly on the state of the economy. It was intended to be reminiscent of one given 100 […]

Cha Cha, anyone? Worth Avenue restaurant does Latin, with a kick

The latest buzz in Palm Beach is Cha Cha’s Latin Fresh Kitchen and Tequila Bar. It’s a distinctive yet refreshing addition to the infamous Worth Avenue scene. […]

Palm Beach County Commission divided on redistricting

In a marathon meeting of the Palm Beach County Commission on Tuesday, Peanut Island became the target of a political tug of war, with Commissioner Priscilla Taylor stopping short […]