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Herman Cain back at work and Newt Gingrich’s lottery win

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The humor section of my brain is probably one of the very few bipartisan areas of my body. I like Herman Cain. I defended him on this site. But in the end, I can’t help the way my mind works and what I find funny. Life is too serious and over too quickly not to have a few laughs along the way. Relax and enjoy.


Herman Cain back at work 


President Obama tried to run away from his dismal socialist record, but no matter how fast he ran, it always caught up with him.


I mean, come on, it’s like getting socks for your birthday.


If Newt Gingrich won the lottery…


They told me the economy was going to get better. Now where’s the drawn butter?


To some it’s a campaign, to most, it’s a coven.






Jack Furnari


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