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South Florida’s Jews tiring of their role as leftist sheep

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I spoke recently in front of a big crowd at the Adolph & Rose Levis Jewish Community Center in Delray Beach on the topic, “Will Israel Survive?”

Those in the audience were attentive, alert and in the mood to share their opinions. No problem there, until two disgruntled guys interrupted the meeting with shouts that I was “a right winger” and “a Republican radical.” I’ve been through this before, and with a background of 20 years in a South Bronx school, it didn’t faze me. I tried to respond with facts and softness. It had no effect on them. They were there to bust up the event. A brawl nearly ensued, with others demanding that they sit down. The scene eventually calmed down.

I explained to those in the audience, with the two guys still smiling in their seats, that they just experienced Occupy Wall Street right here in Delray Beach. ACORN and MoveOn tactics were being unleashed in their JCC.

The Democrats are in a panic mode. They will send out their union types — many having earned their scars in the union wars in New York City and in their local Democrat meetings — to disrupt talks that might unhinge their long-term liberal base. They’re worried the sheep might learn something. They might start asking questions of their leaders in the political community. They might be urged by speakers such as myself to start thinking, begin searching the computer and have their minds open to all sides of the issues, rather than depending on the usual sources in the mainstream media.

Those of us who speak a truth that conflicts with the age-old leftist mantra are considered dangerous. We have to be silenced. However, the crowd that assembled around the JCC director to demand that I come back was a signal that times have changed.

The Jewish vote is up for grabs. All these voters need is a bit of truth and the seed implanted that they have been used as “useful idiots.” No more!


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