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Christmas in Japan and Occupy this

My editor is always telling me I should write a short introduction for my weekend je posts but I never know what to say. I’m just sharing […]

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Another Jess Santamaria flip flop

County Commissioner Jess Santamaria is at it again. I don’t believe there is anyone in creation who has any idea what will come out of Jess’s mouth […]

BizPac Review
$15 Trillion And Counting

By George Noga

The national debt recently passed $15 trillion – a nightmarish milestone that is $4 trillion higher than when President Obama to office 3 years ago.

We are on track to add trillions before 2020 at which time the debt could approach $25 trillion. At that pace the USA, as we now know it, will not exist as the debt will reach critical mass years before that date and our world will be forever altered.

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America’s crisis of accountability

Our nation is suffering a crisis of accountability. My first job after law school was working for a talented criminal lawyer named Andy. He d the rough […]

Hi-tech geeky gifts for those who have everything

Every year, I dread Christmas shopping. My father-in-law is especially hard to shop for. Dad is 89 years old and has just about everything — from gadgetry […]

Last chance to make your swing count at FFA Golf Classic

Calling all golfers! Want to make your swing count for than your handicap? Well, here’s your chance. On Saturday, Dec. 3, the Florida Fishing Academy will […]