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Todd Rome taunts Charlie Crist on courthouse steps

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There’s a brutal piece about Charlie Crist and his wife Carole’s court battles with her ex-husband Todd Rome in the New York Post today. According to the tabloid’s Page 6 section, on Wednesday morning, Crist and his wife were in Manhattan Supreme Court, where Florida’s former governor is described as “holding his foxy wife Carole’s metallic rolling bag while she stood before a judge battling her ex-husband.”

Witnesses describe how Rome taunted Crist on the courthouse steps afterward, saying, “Nice going, Charlie. Nice look. Big d – – k! Big d – – k! Be really proud of yourself, Charlie!”

The story didn’t say if Crist swung Carole’s bag at Rome, or if he responded at all, but if Judge Mather Cooper’s comments have been correctly reported by Page 6, and I have no reason to think they weren’t, it does not sound like it’s going well for the former first lady of Florida.

Read the report and judge for yourselves.

Jack Furnari


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