Arnold’s Ramblings 11-16-2011

I am tired of the Herman Cain saga. The mainstream or elite media can’t stop talking about it. One has even likened the allegations to child abuse! But it seems rather simple to determine who is telling the truth: Since the alleged victim’s suite at the Washington Hilton was paid for by someone, and Herman Cain alleges not to know her, it would seem simple (at least to me) to verify who paid for the suite. If Herman Cain did not pay for the suite, that would suggest that he is telling the truth. If the alleged victim’s statements are false (regarding the payment of the hotel suite), it would suggest that she is not telling the truth but misstating the facts. But what do I know?

Greece’s new Prime Minister is like having Ben Bernanke as President. Talk about disasters, I just don’t see a success pattern here.

And Italy’s new Prime Minister was in a similar position at the European Union; thus both Greece and Italy have central bankers as Prime Minister. Yuck!!!!

Now, finally the local governments (Oakland, Portland and New York City) are clearing out the Occupy Wall Street movements in their respective cities.

  • DJIA looks lower followed by a year end rally then after the first of the year, the markets look much lower.
  • Gold could rally one last time into year end, then fall.
  • Oil looks like it is head to $110 or so.
  • The dollar is still looking good.
  • Interest rates are still in a trading range; which should rise into next year.
  • Real estate looks lower and lower and lower.
  • The economy looks higher into the first quarter then lower and lower.


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