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Reader notes scary Obama greeting cards

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A BIZPACReview reader recently sent the following to one of our editors:

This morning (Sunday, November 6th) I went up to ‘Top Hat’ carwash on Okeechobee to get my FREE birthday car wash. As I was waiting I browsed their little gift shop and (of course) looked at the birthday card section. You can imagine my shock when I came across an “Obama” birthday card.

I have got to believe that when Obama shows up in birthday cards and is characterized as a menace and “scary,” it’s pretty much all over! Greeting cards have to be “catchy” and be a reflection of popular culture and common perception to sell.

Greeting cards are a good indicator of opinions across socio-economic strata. Obama’s reputation has obviously degraded to such an extent that people have totally lost confidence, respect, and trust in the presidency and his administration. The anger and disgust is coming out in the darndest places: GREETING CARDS!
Now, the question is, will the Republican Party “blow it” by nominating the wrong candidate? (AGAIN!?!)

Bob Rodenberg


Do you think that negative greeting cards about President Obama are an indicator of today’s political climate?

Michele Kirk


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