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Dear people,

Thanks for the notice (seen in full below) about making banks pay for the economic downturn. But before I join you, I have a few chores:

  1. I will make my mortgage payment to the bank. I’ve done that faithfully over the years without ever missing a payment. Without the bank’s financial help, I could never have afforded my home.
  2. I have to make a savings deposit with my bank. I’ve accumulated quite an amount over the years and feel that it is in safe hands.
  3. I will have my bank set up a money market account for me, with the bank holding the money safely and having it handy for when I need it.
  4. I have to wire some funds from my bank account to my kid, who is in college and in need of a few hundred bucks. The bank will do this efficiently and safely.
  5. I have to go to my bank’s safe deposit box to store some valuable jewelry. It’s safe and secure there.
  6. I have to take out a CD for my daughter from my bank to give to her when she graduates from college in two years. The money will be safe and accumulating interest over this time.
  7. I have to pick up a replacement credit card at my bank. I lost mine yesterday. The bank will cover all fraudulent charges made since I lost it.
  8. I’m looking into applying for a lower-rate mortgage with my bank. Rates are extremely attractive right now.

So, when I’m finished with all of these transactions with my bank, I will step outside and picket with you guys in order to put my bank out of business. You’re right, I have to teach them a lesson!

Alan Bergstein

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