Adam Hasner’s changed position on offshore drilling

In campaign appearances, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Adam Hasner has repeatedly said he supports oil drilling off Florida’s shores, and that he opposed then-Gov. Charlie Crist’s attempt […]

BIZPAC looks for life’s winners, not losers

Over the years, BIZPAC has believed that elected officials cannot succeed at the business of governing unless they have the “right stuff”– in politics, that means having […]

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Jurors Have The Right To Nullify The Law

By George Noga

There are two nullification issues, neither of which you learned about in school.

The first involves states nullifying acts of the federal government. This comports with the Jeffersonian notion that individual states had a right, nay a duty, to abrogate laws that are unconstitutional or usurp powers…

Humane Party vegan to challenge Allen West

Andrew Kirschner of Boca Raton formally announced his intentions to run for U.S. Congressional District 22, a seat currently held by Republican superstar Allen West. Kirschner, a […]

Who are ‘Occupy Lake Worth’ protesters?

The movement that has “occupied” Wall Street is spreading to towns and cities nationwide. Groups have begun to stage demonstrations and organize through social media. This weekend […]

County commissioner blames President Bush for Glades utilities woes

The Palm Beach County Commission took more than an hour Tuesday to debate the fate of the Glades area’s water treatment system before agreeing to merge its utilities department […]

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Public employee salaries, pensions far outpace private sector’s
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Sucker punched again!

In 2008, I was a strong Mitt Romney supporter and was looking forward to casting my vote for him. Then, on Jan. 26, a mere three days […]

Michele Kirk: Hasner preaches to the choir at tea party event

Former Florida Rep. Adam Hasner was the second U.S. Senate candidate to speak in front of the newly formed Palm Beach County Tea Party’s Boca Raton chapter. He […]

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Arnold’s Ramblings 10-05-2011

PBS broadcast a six-hour television event over three nights Oct. 2-4 regarding Prohibition. Hopefully, the progressives will remember (after watching the documentary) that forcing behaviors on Americans […]

Alan Bergstein infiltrates

I just returned home from “attending” a MoveOn meeting. I wanted to get a feel for this chapter and what it does. I joined a group of […]

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Counterpoint: A Demi Dozen Pithy Juxtapositions

By George Noga

The ultimate irony is Buffet, who created enormous wealth, is having a wealth destruction bill named after him. The last time such tax envy happened was under LBJ when 21 millionaires paid no taxes in 1967.

The solution from 1960s era class warriors was the Alternate Minimum Tax which today ensnares 20 million middle class taxpayers. The Buffet secretary gambit is audacious in its underlying assumption that most Americans are clueless idiots.