Wine & Design benefits Place of Hope

A culinary and design fusion treated the senses of more than 350 guests at an out-of-the-ordinary fundraiser Tuesday night, with gala proceeds benefiting needy children. Hosted by […]

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Radical left ginning for a Kent State on Wall Street

The whole “occupy” movement has a ring to it that is a bit disturbing. I’m old enough to remember “occupied Europe” and the Israel haters’ evil connotations […]

Clerk, tax collector join forces to save taxpayers money

Palm Beach County Clerk and Comptroller Sharon Bock and Tax Collector Anne Gannon announced on Tuesday a partnership they say will save taxpayers money at a critical […]

Demarest: A Brief History of the Internet

The birth of the Internet was sparked on Oct. 4, 1957, when the Soviet Union launched a satellite named Sputnik. This was the Cold War era, and […]

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Is There Enough Money In The World?

By George Noga
More Liberty Less Government

To many folks, the notion of the world running out of money simply doesn’t compute, but it most assuredly can happen.

The movies got it all wrong; it’s not space aliens, pandemics or even nuclear winter that does us in; in the end the planet simply runs out of money…

Eric Holder’s ‘fast and furious’ demise

“Fast and furious” isn’t just the name of a flawed government gun-running scheme. It’s also turning out to be the speed of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s […]

Libraries and state parks may be closed, says Fla. Rep. Rooney

With new district boundaries expected early next year, Florida Rep. Pat Rooney predicted the town of Palm Beach will be carved from his District 83 in northeastern […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 10-12-2011

I believe the termination of Hank Williams Jr. last week by ESPN for “comparisons to Hitler” by Williams of President Obama, to have been a correct decision. […]

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Baseball players are the stars, not actors

The prelude to the World Series is all the rage, and the other night, I heard a commentator compare baseball to show business. I chuckled at that. […]

Allen West’s war chest dwarfs Democratic opponents

U.S. Rep. Allen West stunned even his supporters on Wednesday when he announced he raked in $1.9 million in donations in the third quarter alone — more than four and five times […]

Diana Demarest on bugs and spam

Have you ever wondered where some of the technology terms we use came from? Some have interesting, even humorous, origins. Here are two examples: “Bugs” We always hear […]

Ticked off at your bank fees? Blame Barney Frank

Late last month, Bank of America announced that beginning next year, its customers will be charged a $5 monthly debit card fee. President Obama immediately blasted the […]