Cain’s simplistic 9-9-9 plan not quite simple enough

I really like Herman Cain. He’s smart, successful and charismatic, everything we look for in a president. When everyone else is squabbling and getting underneath one another’s […]

Smarter phones let your fingertips do the walking – and buying and banking

When direct deposit became popular in the 1970s, it was predicted that we would become a cashless society. Smartphones are helping move us in that direction. Banking […]

West Palm Beach City Commission takes positive votes for business

The West Palm Beach City Commission on Monday gave fast food restaurants a little breathing room by relaxing their parking space requirements. For more than 25 years, […]

BizPac Review
Occupy protestors should storm Capitol Hill, not Wall Street

I guess every few years, civilized society has to put up with some new crop of ignoramuses who want to tear things down and rant against things […]

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On Israel, Obama is like a cornered rat

Let’s talk about Israel, Iran and Obama’s bid for re-election. Israel is under threat of nuclear destruction from Iran. Obama has just “uncovered” a diabolical Iranian plot […]

Diana Demarest: Mobile Marketing

You may have seen these strange-looking squares popping up on coupons, on product packaging, printed materials and even on clothing items. These are called Quick Response Codes, […]

Best and worst pizza on Clematis Street

Pizza, a $30 billion industry, is considered the most popular ethnic food in the United States. Over 3 billion pies are sold annually and 17 percent of […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 10-19-2011

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are continuing to expand. Soon, there will be demonstrations in front of every house, apartment and business in America. If the unions […]

Democratic candidate Murphy vows to oust ‘tea party wacko, Allen West’ in District 22

For several months, area Democratic and Republican clubs have been lining up their 2012 hopefuls to speak to their members. In Royal Palm Beach on Monday, the […]

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Obama: The American Caesar

Barack Obama’s biographers often refer to the president’s experience as a constitutional lawyer with pride. If that’s so, he has to be the most unconstitutional constitutional lawyer […]

Pinpointing our world: Global positioning systems

From weapons systems to directional mapping gadgets in our vehicles, global positioning systems have changed the way we live, do business and keep time. The first GPS […]

Rep. Rooney empowers the people to cut regulation

There is no better source than Floridians themselves to tell the state whether governmental rules and regulations are hurting them, and how. That is the position taken […]