Lake Worth homeowner Pam Triolo takes on Rachel Waterman

Lake Worth voters are gearing up for the second mayoral election of the year. After former Mayor Rene Varela abruptly resigned in May to move out of state, a special election, followed by a runoff in July, secured the seat for Rachel Waterman, a 40-year-old self-employed economic development consultant and political newcomer. Another round of campaigning will determine who gets the seat for the next full two-year term.

Waterman picked up just under 42 percent of the vote in a four-way race on June 28, and netted 1,520 votes to win the runoff. Waterman’s runoff opponent, former Mayor Tom Ramiccio, trailed behind with 1,207 votes.

This time around, Waterman faces Pam Triolo, a Lake Worth resident since 1997 and owner of First Impressions Creative Services Inc. in downtown Lake Worth.

Michele Kirk


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