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On Israel, Obama is like a cornered rat

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Let’s talk about Israel, Iran and Obama’s bid for re-election. Israel is under threat of nuclear destruction from Iran. Obama has just “uncovered” a diabolical Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador on U.S. soil. Pressure for Obama to retaliate is great. He is falling behind in national polls. His history of making decisions is replete with hesitation and self-doubts. He is not an action guy.

So how can he deal himself a winning hand in this mess? Easy. Have Israel go out on a limb and attack Iran’s nuclear facilities with the bunker busters Israel recently purchased from us. If it succeeds, Obama comes out smelling like a rose. He would be the hero, and Iran would be taught a lesson. If it fails, Obama would condemn Israel for the attack and deny any involvement in it.

This denial of the truth would be easy for him. We’ve seen him fudge the truth for years. Israel would be the pariah, and in any event, Iran would have been taught a lesson. Obama’s emotional ties to Islamic states would not suffer since they all are fearful of a nuclear Iran. However, his wink and gracious nod to Israel would be short-lived. They would have served their purpose in disarming Iran and then, back to business with Israel-bashing and “Palestinian rights” in the headlines again. Obama would be raised up on the shoulders of the media and touted as “the man to lead us again for another four years!”

This, of course, is all conjecture, mixed with facts and a bit of history thrown in. But Obama is now like a cornered rat. His years of indecision in matters international are now coming back to haunt him. His love affair with the Muslim world has produced no positive results for this country or for him. He is viewed as a weakling and the United States as toothless under his leadership. Israel, for whom he has little regard or respect, comes into play as the major player against everyone’s enemy, Iran. Israel, with a population of 6 million, will carry the water for Obama and the rest of the world. It is like being put in the position of a rookie pinch hitter in the bottom of the ninth, coming up with the bases loaded, tied score, two out and a full count.

The cameras are on this scenario. Good luck!!


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