West Palm Beach City Commission takes positive votes for business

The West Palm Beach City Commission on Monday gave fast food restaurants a little breathing room by relaxing their parking space requirements. For more than 25 years, […]

BizPac Review
Occupy protestors should storm Capitol Hill, not Wall Street

I guess every few years, civilized society has to put up with some new crop of ignoramuses who want to tear things down and rant against things […]

BizPac Review
On Israel, Obama is like a cornered rat

Let’s talk about Israel, Iran and Obama’s bid for re-election. Israel is under threat of nuclear destruction from Iran. Obama has just “uncovered” a diabolical Iranian plot […]

Diana Demarest: Mobile Marketing

You may have seen these strange-looking squares popping up on coupons, on product packaging, printed materials and even on clothing items. These are called Quick Response Codes, […]

Best and worst pizza on Clematis Street

Pizza, a $30 billion industry, is considered the most popular ethnic food in the United States. Over 3 billion pies are sold annually and 17 percent of […]