Arnold’s Ramblings 10-12-2011

I believe the termination of Hank Williams Jr. last week by ESPN for “comparisons to Hitler” by Williams of President Obama, to have been a correct decision. […]

BizPac Review
Baseball players are the stars, not actors

The prelude to the World Series is all the rage, and the other night, I heard a commentator compare baseball to show business. I chuckled at that. […]

Allen West’s war chest dwarfs Democratic opponents

U.S. Rep. Allen West stunned even his supporters on Wednesday when he announced he raked in $1.9 million in donations in the third quarter alone — more than four and five times […]

Diana Demarest on bugs and spam

Have you ever wondered where some of the technology terms we use came from? Some have interesting, even humorous, origins. Here are two examples: “Bugs” We always hear […]