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Congress and Clinton Turbocharged Mortgage Meltdown

What you’re about to read is a real blood-boiler. Mortgage meltdowns and housing bubbles don’t cause themselves, they are caused. The root cause of our current housing […]

U.S. Senate candidate Miller: ‘Get off your a**, get a job’

A great steak isn’t the only thing U.S. Senate candidate Craig Miller knows how to “fire up,” if Friday’s crowd at the Boca Raton Republican Club was […]

Sid Dinerstein busts up liberal election forum

When Sid Dinerstein, chairman of the Republican Party of Palm Beach County, received an email about a biased election forum organized by the Sun Sentinel, he got […]

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Obama’s inexperience devastating for U.S.

Let’s play a little game of make believe. You are planning to open a high-faluting, expensive restaurant in the heart of Manhattan and are searching for a […]

Connie Mack fuels debate by joining establishment fray for Senate

U.S. Rep. Connie Mack’s decision to join the field of GOP candidates vying to unseat Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson promises to shake up one of Florida’s […]

Arnold’s Ramblings 10-26-2011

Arnold is suffering from excessive frustration again. Arnold cannot watch CNBC, Bloomberg or Fox Business without seeing either elected politicians, unelected politicians or specific political issues receiving […]

Joe Kaufman: Debbie Wassermen Schultz policies suicide for Israel

The Republican field vying for the U.S. Congressional District 20 seat has plenty of competition, but one GOP contender has set his sights beyond the August  primary. […]

Obama should heed Benjamin Franklin’s advice on poor

Uh-oh, pigs are about to fly, hell is fixing to freeze over, and yes, the cows are indeed on their way home. That’s right, folks, I’m going […]

Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Janet Reno to blame for mortgage mess

Historians know that they can never claim wars start with a clash of armies. They know that the root causes of war start long before. In the […]

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Fair Witnesses And Mentats

By George Noga

The world today needs Fair Witnesses and Mentats.

Those of you who read Stranger in a Strange Land (my favorite science fiction work) by Robert Heinlein grok “Fair Witness”. When I first read this book in the late 1960s the fair witness concept resonated immediately and I never have been able to put it out of my mind…

Lake Worth homeowner Pam Triolo takes on Rachel Waterman

Lake Worth voters are gearing up for the second mayoral election of the year. After former Mayor Rene Varela abruptly resigned in May to move out of state, […]

BizPac Review
Local gun regulation among county’s 2012 legislative priorities

Palm Beach County commissioners on Monday reviewed and discussed the first draft of a 39-page manifesto outlining their legislative agenda and proposed priorities for 2012. While a number of […]

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