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Chris Matthews not as left as you might think

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I don’t think it quite reached the status of a “tingle up the leg,” but according to Tea Party Patriots co-founder Mark Meckler, Chris Matthews extended a friendly, though quiet, gesture of support to the movement while Meckler was a guest on a recent show.

The national debate was raging on the debt ceiling and the ability of Congress to stop spending. On air, Matthews tried his best to persuade Meckler to compromise his position, telling the tea party representative that he must learn to negotiate. When the cameras stopped rolling, however, Matthews shocked Meckler by telling him that he actually agrees with him “100 percent,” and encouraged him to keep fighting.

It wasn’t the first time Matthews surprised and amused Meckler. In the following video of his recent speech to the Boca Raton chapter of the Palm Beach County Tea Party, Meckler describes his encounters with the liberal host as well as a tense interview with the Editorial Board of The New York Times, which he jokingly calls “the heart of darkness.” Meckler contends that the tea party is more respected than it appears to be in the media, and that the liberal news outlets continue to perpetuate the animosity mostly for ratings.

Meckler surprised the Boca audience by saying many in the liberal media are “terrified and they admire you.”

Meckler should know. He frequently speaks on CNN, FOX News, MSNBC and other outlets, representing the views of the tea party.

Michele Kirk


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