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Government gone wild in Boca

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The Boca Raton Republican Club — known for its motto, “Republicans rock” — hosted an energetic speaker Wednesday night, with a hip motto of his own: “government gone wild.”
Blaise Ingoglia, a Hernando County businessman, assistant treasurer of the Republican Party of Florida and chairman of the Hernando County Republican Executive Committee, came prepared with a full presentation of facts and figures about our government’s debt, deficit and spending problems. Unlike many speakers who choose to remain behind the podium, Ingoglia came out into the audience and interacted with the crowd, tossing out bold statements and mostly rhetorical questions.

In 2007, Ingoglia began producing seminars to educate people, starting with those in his own county, motivating them to pay attention to what the government was doing. On his website, governmentgonewild.org, Ingoglia describes his successful seminars as “factual, educational, high-energy, satirical, motivational and, most of all nonpartisan.” The site now displays a mixture of informational (and no doubt entertaining) video clips produced by and starring Ingoglia, along with a series of blog entries dating back to February. Ingoglia’s Government Gone Wild Facebook page has an impressive 154,826 “likes.”

The evening’s purpose, like the goals Ingoglia lists on his website, was to make information about the country’s money woes more interesting and understandable to the average person. The mountain of statistics that drove the presentation seemed almost entertaining, if it weren’t for the unquestionable seriousness of the subject matter.

The summer crowd was visibly appreciative of Ingoglia’s visit and left with a great deal of information to think about, as well as the added satisfaction of a full belly, compliments of a filling meal of chicken, rice and vegetables catered by the Boca Raton Embassy Suites. See a piece of Ingoglia’s lively presentation in the following clip or find more on governmentgonewild.org.

Michele Kirk


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