Arnold’s Ramblings 9-6-2011

While I’m not feeling much better physically, there is actually really good news to report: President Obama has canceled much of the EPA’s “smog regulation,” which was […]

BizPac Review
Governments lie

Governments lie. Some governments do it routinely. Some lie about certain issues, such as deficits and abusing power. A common lie is to blame the opposing political […]

Tom Rooney opening the door to U.S. Senate bid?

A local tea party gathering that had all the makings of a small, ho-hum affair instead drew a big crowd — and had many wondering if U.S. […]

The Holy Grail? Exploring the moon ‘essential’ to world leadership

As a science teacher and coach of my school’s engineering club, I have helped students launch plenty of model rockets. And I’ve gotten to see a few […]