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West says he may resign from Congressional Black Caucus

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Updated:10:35AM  Thursday, September 1, 2011

Allen West on Tuesday announced his displeasure with a recent email asserting the Congressional Black Caucus had declared war on the tea party, suggesting the position may require him to resign from the group.

Speaking before a gathering of the Young Republicans of Palm Beach County, West did not reveal from whom the offending email originated, but he was emphatic when saying it crossed a line he was not willing to support.

“So I just had to send a message to the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus and ask him, ‘Is that really the position of the Congressional Black Caucus? Because if it is, I will have to turn in my resignation.”

There is no word on whether West has indeed decided to resign, but the email may have been referring to the following video, which was released Tuesday in The Blaze. The clip is a montage of members of U.S. Congress speaking at town hall forums, job fairs and in press interviews in various U.S. cities throughout the month of August. The shocking and dangerous rhetoric includes unsubstantiated accusations that the tea party and other members of Congress want to see blacks lynched and want to help usher in an era where black Americans return to second-class citizen status. The sitting representatives use the most incendiary language to stress what they perceive as racism and hatred within the tea party. The video starts with U.S. Rep. Andre’ Carson, the Congressional Black Caucus whip, referring to Jim Crow in an inflammatory speech in Miami, and ends with U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters telling the tea party to “go straight to hell.”

West could not be reached for comment about his possible resignation, but he said on “Fox and Friends” Wednesday morning that he was “reconsidering his membership in the Congressional Black Caucus.”

Late Wednesday, West released the following letter addressed to Emanuel Cleaver, chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Michele Kirk


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