Jack Furnari: Is Adam Hasner monitoring your Facebook posts?

If you haven’t spoken to U.S. Senate candidate Adam Hasner in a while, all you have to do is post a link to a story he doesn’t like on Facebook, and he’ll give you a call. According to Boca Raton political consultant Bryan Rudnick, that’s exactly what happened when he posted a link to Adam Hasner: The moderate-conservative chameleon on his Facebook page.

Not long after Rudnick posted the link on Facebook, he received the following voicemail message from Hasner:

“Hey Bryan, it’s Adam Hasner. Actually just checking in with you. Heard you’re working against me, and if you are, I guess I hope that you’re doing it professionally. You gotta do what you gotta do, but would rather just hear directly from you.”

“This is the first time Adam has called me since 2008,” Rudnick said in telling me about Hasner’s odd call.

Rudnick, whose previous clients include the Katherine Harris U.S. Senate campaign and the Massachusetts Citizens for Marriage Committee, manages the online fundraising operations for Mike McCalister’s campaign for Senate. McCalister, of course, is one of Hasner’s opponents in the Republican primary for the seat now held by Sen. Bill Nelson. But Rudnick says he is not involved in day-to-day operations or opposition research for McCalister and only posted the link because he liked the article.

When he called Hasner back, Rudnick quoted Hasner as saying this to him in their brief phone conversation on Wednesday, Aug. 24: “I heard you’re promoting bad things about me, and I needed to hear it from you. You’re a professional political operative who needs to put food on the table, and I know that’s why you’re doing this.”

In a phone call with me, Hasner denied that Rudnick’s Facebook post prompted his call to Rudnick.

Hasner’s communications director, Doug Mayer, issued the following statement about Hasner’s conversation with Rudnick:

“Adam considers Bryan a friend. After declining to hire Bryan, we heard he was working for another campaign. We called him to confirm the news. He called Adam back, and they had a good conversation and they wished each other well.”

Rudnick stands by his version of the conversation, adding “In almost 15 years of working in the political process, I have never had an elected official or candidate call me about something so meaningless unless they had a reason to be afraid. I wonder how many people received similar calls from Adam as a result of circulating the BizPacReview article.”


Aug 29, 7:37 a.m. Update: Bryan Rudnick just sent me the following email:


“For the record, I was unaware that Adam considered me a “friend”; acquaintances sure. In fact, I once wrote him and told him I needed his help on a personal matter and never heard back. Furthermore, at no time do I recall Adam discussing the use of my services for his campaign. I may have solicited him via email, but he never responded to my email.

We did wish each other well at the conclusion of the call.”

Bryan Rudnick

Jack Furnari


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