Peter Feaman kicks off campaign

The list of people to thank was a long one on Wednesday, as Peter Feaman, the state committeeman for the Republican Party of Palm Beach County, addressed a room full of supporters excited to drum up support and cash for his election to national committeeman of the Republican Party of Florida.

Feaman, who announced his intention to run in late May, has enjoyed funding and encouragement from many long- time Republican friends. While he highlighted in his well-received speech the importance of not compromising principles and representing the party well, it was hard not to notice that a good portion of his comments was devoted to thanking the many people who have helped him along the way, including a humorous and heartfelt nod to BizPac Review President Jack Furnari.

Another passionate Feaman enthusiast is Palm Beach County Republican Party Vice Chair Margi Helschein, who worked her usual magic, organizing an event with a wide array of appetizing foods, including an Italian ice stand and a whole corner of the room dedicated to chocolate and other decadent desserts.

The enthusiastic affirmation of Feaman followers translated into more than 100 guests in attendance, and nearly $5,000 raised toward his election campaign. There will be at least one more major fundraiser held for Feaman before the election, so stay tuned for more details.

Michele Kirk


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